When editing a project/template in ARYA, most actions are performed with the mouse, yet the following key combinations might come in handy.
Key combination Action Notes
Ctrl+z Undo  
Ctrl+y Redo ⌘+SHIFT+z on MAC
[Ctrl+] Delete, Backspace Remove app

When no app is selected, move the mouse over an app to highlight it, then press the key.

If the app is already selected, then use Ctrl+key combination (or click again to deselect the app).

[Ctrl+] Home Bring app to front
[Ctrl+] End Send app to back
[Ctrl+] PageUp, u Send app forward
[Ctrl+] PageDown, d Send app backward
Ctrl+Arrow (Up, Down, Left, Right) Move app by 8px in that direction

Works both when the app is selected and when it is highlighted.

Ctrl+f Make app full-screen
Ctrl+1...9 Set the text weight (multiple of 100) Works only with a shape app having some text inside.
Ctrl+i Set the text style to italic


  • Moving the mouse over an app will automatically highlight it. Click the app to select it, click it again to deselect it.
  • For the shape app, selected or just highlighted, pressing any key will input that key as text.
  • For MAC - use the Command key (⌘) instead of Ctrl for all the actions above, except the "Redo" one, for which the key combination is ⌘+SHIFT+z .



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