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SpinetiX ARYA allows users to easily schedule advanced digital signage content created in Elementi or embed this content within a SpinetiX ARYA project. The present article examines some of the benefits of this integration between SpinetiX ARYA and Elementi.

Note: Elementi is the advanced digital signage authoring tool from SpinetiX. It is unique in that it features over 250 widgets as well as a set of powerful tools to design and develop custom data-driven content. Elementi features advanced content capabilities like streaming in/out, video walls, IPTV, interactivity, custom data-feeds, and other third-party technology integrations. Learn more about Elementi by clicking here.

With this Elementi integration, SpinetiX ARYA increases your creative options and unlocks additional signage scenarios: from queue management, to interactivity, custom integrations, etc., while still keeping SpinetiX ARYA simple and easy to use for anyone. In effect, this integration unlocks all the powerful features we've built our brand upon from our desktop app, now available in the cloud. 



Integrating Elementi and SpinetiX ARYA brings a number of important benefits, namely:

  • Best of both worlds. With this feature customers have the ability to optimize their workflows. Elementi provides developers a limitless environment to create custom integrations, while SpinetiX ARYA provides its users an easy to navigate platform to compose and publish content. Each team member can now work in their preferred environment, seamlessly building upon each other's contribution.

  • Expanding your creative options. While SpinetiX ARYA is natively equipped with an excellent selection of features to create impactful content, as a best-in-class authoring tool, Elementi has one of the largest, most advanced content feature sets on the market. Now, this power has been unleashed onto the cloud. 
        • Data-driven content: Elementi features more than 250 highly configurable digital signage components called “widgets”. Each widget is designed to perform a specific function and can be as simple as displaying a clock or a calendar, or as advanced as displaying real-time social-media and RSS feeds or combining interactive content with a touch screen. Any one or a combination of any of these widgets can be configured in Elementi and imported into SpinetiX ARYA.

        • Third-party technology integrations and interactivity: Elementi makes it possible to  integrate third-party technology within a digital signage installation. This includes queue management (for example, ESII), room reservation and audience analysis systems (for example, Crestron), touch-screen kiosks, infrared (IR) sensors, GPS navigation for use in transportation installations, and many more. 

        • Streaming: With Elementi, you can configure your displays to run content like video or audio from a streaming source (streaming-in) and publish it in SpinetiX ARYA. Learn more about Elementi and streaming for digital signage by clicking here.

        • Custom Development: SpinetiX ARYA benefits from the Elementi developer features and tools for those who wish to provide the ultimate level of digital signage customization by creating their own integrations. Some of the developer features that Elementi includes are advanced data feed widgets, advanced data parsers (XML, JSON) and options to format the data once received. Learn more about the developer tools provided in Elementi by clicking here.

          Want to display content from a webpage that requires authentication? With Elementi's advanced HTML layer, developers can include a Web Robot, enabling the player to authenticate to the website and show your content on-screen. Learn more about the advanced HTML capabilities of Elementi in this documentation.

  • Improve your workflow: As we move toward using more 4K content the demand for processing power becomes greater. Being a desktop application, Elementi uses your PC's resources to do heavy tasks like transcoding large video or image files. Doing this directly in the cloud means the task speed is limited by shared server resources. Doing this in Elementi first, then sending it to SpinetiX ARYA could save you time depending on how big your video files are or how many times you perform this task per day. Additionally, transcoding video and image files on your PC first will reduce the file size, reducing the time needed to upload into the cloud.

  • Evolving with customer needs: The longer your digital signage installation has been in operation the more ideas your team will have for new and engaging content. Digital signage projects are famous for their evolving needs. As a cloud-based SaaS, SpinetiX ARYA is continuously updating its feature set and making improvements to its usability. While some customers may not need all the power that is in Elementi from day one, when they are ready to upgrade their content, the possibilities are endless.

  • More opportunities to provide services: Professional integrators and other service providers can take advantage of this "best of both worlds" setup by providing content creation and development services to their customers via the Elementi integration with SpinetiX ARYA.




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