SpinetiX ARYA supports the upload and publishing to your player of different file types. These include:


Type1 Files
Image files2 JPEG, PNG, BMP
Video files3 MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, WEBM
Audio files MP3, AAC, M4A
Other supported file types PDF, Elementi .7z
1 SpinetiX ARYA converts all image and video files that you upload to your account to supported media formats.

2 Popular unsupported image files: GIF, WEBP. However, both can be saved in compatible formats.

3 Popular unsupported video files: MKV.
Note: SpinetiX ARYA supports file sizes of up to 5 GB except for audio files, whose maximum file size must not exceed 256 MB in size. Pay attention to your account cloud storage limit associated with your SpinetiX ARYA Plan.



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