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Interface Improvements


  • General Navigation: Updated the icons for the main menu for clarity and moved the FILES section from the CREATE submenu to the main menu for easy access.

    Also updated the corresponding mini buttons for setting up permissions in User Management: 

  • General Navigation: Changed the name of CUSTOM page to NEW as it is more in line with it's function.

  • General Navigation: Changed Language interaction and moved into the User controls menu.

  • General Navigation: Expanded the HELP options into a menu and moved to the top bar to make space for workspace controls.

  • General Navigation: Reduced the size of the Live Chat Button to create more working space.

  • General Navigation: Reduced the height of the top navigation bar to create more working space.

  • Project Pages: Updated icons and tooltips for project creation steps (Edit & Preview).

  • Project Edit Page: New Project Overview section. 

    This gives the user more information about each individual page in their project including the number of tags on each page. 

    Hovering over a page in the project will show the duration of that page

    Hovering over a mini-tag will show the name of that tag. 

    New Project overview controls allowing the user to hide or show the project overview, add a blank page, add a duplicate page or add an overview to their project. Also and interaction to allow the user to change the page which is selected for editing.

  • Project Edit Page: Added the ability for the user to name their project while in Project Edit or Project Preview steps.

General Improvements

Added ability to preview a video from the LED Page
Dropdown for Accounts shouldn't have tool tips unless the name is too long


Security Improvements

Rotated the CloudFront and Personally Identifiable Information encryption keys to comply with the SpinetiX yearly rotation schedule.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the tag filter in Files page was not working as it should after changing project orientation

Fixed an issue where the preview image would overlap the status icon in the Monitoring page.

Fixed an issue where a user who has permission set by tags sees a page in a project which does not have the appropriate tag.

Fixed an issue where The Switch Account Dropdown intermittently does not respond.

Fixed an issue were accessing an invoice in a Premium account would return an error.

Fixed an issue where the Credit card window was missing for users invited to a Premium account.

Fixed the error message a user gets when trying to open a new account with an email address that is already being used by another account. 

Fixed an issue where the control to remove admin rights from a user in the user admin page was not disabled for the current user.





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