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Interface Improvements


  • Publishing Content: New Publishing Options Interaction

As the user has the option to either Publish directly to a player/group of players OR to Smart Sync, we've created this new interaction to make this choice more clear. Additionally, we've added a link to a Help center article which explains Smart Sync. You can access this article directly by clicking on the small "?" or by searching for Smart Sync in the Help Center.


Additionally the dropdown menu will more clearly separate player groups from players:



This new interaction can be found in other places where the old interaction could be found. 


1. In the Project Preview Page


2. On the FILES Page - when a project or media is selected



3. On the Create - Audio - Preview Page


  • General Navigation: New Button to create a Style


  • General Navigation: Added labelled sections for tools and controls for all pages:


1. On the PLAYERS - Setup page - when a player is selected


2. On the PLAYERS - Reporting Page


3. On the PLAYERS - Monitoring page - when a player is selected

4. On the Calendar area of the SCHEDULE Page

5. On the Playtime controls in the Schedule Page


6. On the USER MANAGEMENT Page - when a user is selected

7. On the CREATE-AUDIO page

8. On the TEMPLATES page, when creating a new style




Uniformity Improvements

  • Updated the Duration interaction on the FILES Page, when a media (video, image or Elementi project) is selected, to match the other parts of the UI



  • Updated buttons for editing schedule line items in the SCHEDULE page to be uniform with other parts of the UI 


  • Updated the the Tags Interaction on the Project Edit Page to be uniform with other parts of the UI 


  • Added the possibility to edit and delete tags from the filter by tags section in the LED Page as this is already possible on the FILES page.


Security Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where lack of validation could lead to abuse of the license activate APIs

  • Fixed several vulnerabilities in third party packages


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to search by HMP400 serial number in the players page
  • Fixed a bug where where adding tags inside a project may not save the tag
  • Fixed a bug in the LED page where the new project button would not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug where adding a tag to a player would not update the list at the top of the page
  • Fixed a bug for users of multiple accounts where leaving a specific account could return a message truncating the name of the the account that they left
  • Fixed a bug where cursor in account drop-down was centered instead of left aligned

  • Fixed a bug where search in the LED page did not work
  • Fixed a bug where page duration could not be set below 10 seconds





  • Wayne Miller

    How about fixing the bug when you click on a calendar date, it doesn't change both the start and end date.  I click on start and have to manually type in the end date.  Currently if I click a date for the end date, it also changes the start date.

  • Michael Roland

    Hi Wayne, Thanks for your feedback and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I assume that this is regarding custom scheduling content. You can try the steps outlined in this Help Center article.
    While this is not a bug, I have informed our development team about this and we will work on it. 



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