What's new?


Interface Improvements

  • Changed the background color of the following pages from white to gray:


1. FILES Page





3. Project-Edit Page


4. Project-Preview Page


5. AUDIO Page




7. PLAYERS-Monitoring Page


8. PLAYERS-Reporting Page


9. PLAYERS-Setup Page


10. ALERTS Page





  • Updated the design for the Project Overview & Project Controls


  1. Changed the button to Show/Hide the Project Overview
  2. Project overview is Showing by default
  3. Increased the side of the Project Controls


  • Improved the Playtime Controls

  1. Updated Iconography
  2. Updated Iconography
  3. Added ability to select AM/PM or 24h format
  4. Added ability to select start and end dates independently 


  • Improved Screen-On Interaction

  1. Updated Iconography
  2. Added ability to select AM/PM or 24h format
  3. Added ability to select start and end dates independently 


  • Small updates to the Webpage app controls (labelling)


  • Small updates to the QR Code app controls (labelling & Button)



  • Improvements to the Forgotten Password flow: now the "forgot password" prompt is immediately visible.



  • LED button is now only visible from the FILES page (as the LED page is a version of the FILES page)


  • Improved warning messages and confirmations for several scenarios
  • Improved some translations in German & French
  • Added a context link to relevant Help Center article explaining content-publish limitations when content is not supported by a player


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where upload of images, PDFs, audio files, fonts and Elementi projects could randomly fail

Fixed a bug where it was difficult to set audio output on player in SETUP page, requiring multiple interactions on the UI

Fixed a bug where drag & drop of tags and pop ID in LED page does not update tags / pop ID section in context menu on the right

Fixed a bug where account specific settings of a player (e.g., Screen-on configuration) do not automatically get removed when the Player is added to another account

Fixed a bug where a user could set the duration of an Overlay page, although these don't have duration

Fixed a bug where a user with limited rights was able to duplicate, add new, and add Overlay pages (this is a regression from a recent release)

Fixed a bug where a limited user could change durations (this is a regression from a recent release)

Fixed a bug where the content played on a player was not up-to-date with the player schedule in accounts with a large number of players (e.g., 100+) and multi-year schedule history 

Fixed a bug where the owner of a piece of content could change when editing the content, bypassing restrictions imposed by user tags

Fixed a bug where animations in default templates would show incorrectly due to the parameters of the default images were not always correctly initialized

Fixed a bug where tagged audio files would not appear in the Media Picker when the corresponding tag was selected

Fixed a bug where the cookie list does not always load

Fixed a bug where entering a space or other illegal character as e-mail for Sign-in silently fails

Fixed a bug where upgrading from Discovery to Premium the page may become unresponsive after clicking on the button multiple times to add a credit card during the upgrade process

Fixed a bug where google Maps API is incorrectly loaded

Fixed a bug where renaming videos while in uploading state on LED page shows an unauthorized error

Fixed a bug in ACTIVATE where assigning a license to a player which already has a license will nevertheless assign the license to the account

Fixed a bug where LED resolution deselects automatically on the LED Page

Fixed a bug where characters other than numbers were accepted when creating LED resolution

Fixed a bug where Weather and RSS feeds could send duplicate requests to the cloud

Fixed a bug where some of the buttons could appear cut at certain browsers zoom levels



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