What's new?

General Improvements

  • Added the ability to select multiple media in the media picker when adding to a schedule.


Interface Improvements

  • Added a context sensitive menu for the Media App. It is now possible to control the position of the media in the frame as well as the use of the Ken Burns effect. 



  • Changed the button text "New" in the players section to "Add Player". Add Player.jpg


Notable changes

  • It is now possible to bookmark FILES,ALERTS and LED pages with their filters applied


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Text in templates on the UI could overflow their bounding box, depending on connection speed and state of browser cache due to asynchronous font loading.

  • Fixed a bug where creating an audio playlist would not redirect you to files after saving.

  • Fixed a bug where the templates would sometimes flash when in the templates page. 

  • Fixed a bug where images were shown partially on previews when using the Info and Product templates and adding a second page.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a user email address with a space shows no error message.

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to sign in using email and password for a user which is set up to use SSO would silently fail, now it reports an error. 

  • Fixed a bug where reloading a page redirects to the main page instead of staying on the same page.

  • Fixed a bug where the "schedule" filter displays media that has not yet been published to a player.



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