What's new?

General Improvements

New and improved Add Player wizard.

Display resolution can now be set during the setup.

Interface Improvements

Improved element selection while creating/editing a project.

Hover over (Soft Select)

  • Shows an outline of the app.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are not enabled.

Click on app (Hard Select)

  • Reveals resizing points on the outline.
  • Reveals context sensitive menu.
  • Keyboard shortcuts enabled.
  • For the Text and Shape apps, a second click within the app is required to reveal the text cursor.

User Permissions

  • User permissions by content tags now works on the LED page


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where an temporary password would not reset when user tries to sign in after initial expiration.

  • Fixed a bug where an error would show when disabling audio on the Player Page.

  • Fixed a bug where an error occurs when updating a player by setting the SCREEN ON to MWF.



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