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Interface Improvements

We've made improvements to the CREATE experience, specifically, the selection and resizing of elements in the canvas.



1. Hover Over

a. Shows the outline of the app (to signal to the user where the action will occur if they click)

b. keyboard shortcuts for manipulating the app are not available while hovering over an app


2. App Selected (click on app)

 a. Reveals the resizing points on the outline of the app

b. Reveals the context sensitive menu for the app

c. Keyboard shortcuts for manipulating app are available to use

d. For the Text or Shape apps. click a second time in the app to reveal the cursor.


2. Move app (click & hold while moving mouse)

a. Shows the outline of the app (while moving, resizing is not possible)

b. Move Cursor will be visible

c. Upon releasing the left-click button the resizing points will reappear




  1. When an element is selected and the user hovers over one of the resizing points

    • The resizing point that the user is hovering over will change colors

    • a new Resizing cursor will become visible

    • For the four resizing points on the corners the resizing cursor will be diagonally oriented (see above)

    • For the two resizing points on which show resize in the x-axis, the resizing cursor will be horizontally oriented

    • For the two resizing points on the vertical axis, the resizing cursor will be vertically oriented

  2. When resizing an element

    • only the resizing point which is being used should be visible. All others should disappear.

    • The appropriate resizing cursor will be visible (depending on which type of resizing the user is performing

  3. The smaller an element is, the fewer resizing points will be visible when that element is selected. The resizing points will not change sizes. The outline of the element while selected will show as many resizing points as it can accommodate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Overlay button is visible but does not create an overlay page for Modify lock user.
  • Fixed a bug where a multi page project could not have more than one RSS App even on separate pages of the project. 
  • Fixed a bug where typing one letter into the Text or Shape app would give the letter twice. 
  • Fixed a bug where dropping a tag and writing a tag has different behaviors.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the shape app in the HOURS or INFO templates would make it impossible to change anything else (only in Discovery).  



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