Interface Improvements

We've made improvements to the CREATE experience, specifically, the selection and resizing of elements in the canvas.


NEW: Holding ctrl will retain the aspect ratio of that element when resizing. 



  • Improved the LED resolution calculator, it now accepts numbers with a decimal part for pitch and size, and the decimal separator can be a dot or a comma


  • Players running DSOS versions lower than 4.8.3-1.0 will be updated to the latest available DSOS version when they are added to an account or their configuration is updated.


  • Player installation: increased the number of digits in the PIN from 4 to 6.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the moving the text app to the right side of the canvas would not stop at the border of the canvas. 

  • Fixed a bug where the upload button would disappear when creating a new Canvas size for LED.

  • Fixed a bug where the Time Zone field on a player's settings would show blank after changing a player configuration.
  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade to Premium plan dialog did not order the drop-down list of countries correctly.


Activate Site Fixes

  • Searching by serial number did not match any of the “in progress” license states (revoke-pending, suspend-pending, restore-pending).

  • A removed or suspended license could stay indefinitely in the pending-revoke or pending-suspend state if the player disconnected or restarted while the removal or suspension process was ongoing; the process is now restarted when the player comes back online to complete the operation.

  • The suspend button was showing even if the license was not past its grace period.

  • Fixed some UI alignment and translation issues in languages other than English. 



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