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This article shows how to set up a SpinetiX iBX440 player for an LED Wall. 

A few important things to remember when setting up your iBX440 for an LED wall in SpinetiX ARYA:
  • All outputs must be set to the same orientation
  • All outputs must be set to the same Video Mode (1080p or 4k)
  • LED wall is one rectangular display
  • The mapping of outputs to screens is pre-determined (see below)

We will start by explaining the theory behind the configuration by using an example. 


We will be setting up an LED wall with a resolution of 11'264 x 2'048 pixels. 



To determine how to set the player up for our video wall, we need to see how to split up the signal among the outputs. This depends on the video mode and orientation settings of our outputs.

For our LED wall of 11'264 x 2048 pixels, we would need to start with 3 outputs in 4K video mode with a horizontal orientation arranged side by side in a 1x3 arrangement.



Next, we would need to set the effective area of each output so that they add up to the correct totals of height and width. In this case will set it up so that outputs 1 & 2 will use their maximum width and the remainder will come from output 3. The heights of all outputs will be set the same value.



By setting the resolutions of the individual outputs, SpinetiX ARYA will define which portions of each output to use (output's effective area). 



SpinetiX ARYA will create a custom canvas type for you to create content for your LED wall. This canvas will automatically map which portions of the content to send to which output of the iBX440.


This is the theory behind the configuration. Now let's see how to set this up in SpinetiX ARYA.


What you will need:

  • an iBX440 player and its power supply
  • 2-4 HDMI Cables
  • a LED Wall composed of 2-4 sections with individual inputs for each section
  • a SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise and a DSOS System license on your iBX440 or a SpinetiX ARYA SYSTEMS account.



  1. Unbox the player and connect the HDMI cables on the 4 HDMI outputs on the front of the player.

    Select from one of the supported output arrangements listed below. The diagrams show which outputs of the iBX440 will connect to which inputs of your LED controller(s).

    2x2 Arrangements


    1x4 Arrangements



    4x1 Arrangements


    1x3 Arrangements


    3x1 Arrangements


    1x2 Arrangements


    2x1 Arrangements


    1. Next, attach one end of your Ethernet cable to your iBX440 player and the other - to a network switch connected to the internet.

    2. Connect the power cable to your iBX440 and plug the other end to a power outlet.

      The power LED indicator on the iBX440 should light up red, and you should hear a beep indicating that the player is booting up.

    3. Turn your display on. After the player is done booting up, you should see a message reading “Welcome” on the section of your LED wall connected to HDMI 1 of the iBX440.

    4. On the browser of your PC, go to and sign-in to your SpinetiX ARYA Account. 


    5. Once logged in, from the main menu, click on “PLAYERS” and then "Setup".

    6. From the Players-Setup screen, you will see all connected players to your account (if any). Click on the “Add Player” button on the top right.

    7. Enter the serial number displayed on the section of your LED wall connected to HDMI 1 into the input field of the Player Setup Wizard then click "Next". 
    8. The section of your LED wall connected to HDMI 1 of your iBX440 will now show a 4-digit PIN. Enter that number into the input field of the Player Setup Wizard then click NEXT.
    9. Give your player a name, for example “Lobby”, and select the player's time zone, then click “NEXT”.

    10. For the Application: select LED then click Next.

    11. Choose the number of outputs to enable, the orientation and Video Mode of your outputs, then click “Next”. For the example above, we have selected 3 outputs, horizontal orientation and 4K for the Video Mode. 

    12. Select the appropriate output arrangement for your setup. For the example above, we have selected the 1x3 arrangement. 

    13. Next, adjust your output resolutions to match the individual inputs of your LED wall controller(s). From the example above here is how we set the outputs: 
      Output resolutions LED 3.png

      Horizontal arrangements require all outputs have the same height
      Vertical arrangements require all outputs have the same width
      2x2 arrangements require all columns have the same width and all rows have the same height

    14. Finally, name the canvas that you will use to create content for your new LED wall and click Finish.

      Name LED.png

      You can find this canvas in the CREATE - Video Wall Section of the platform.

      • This is how easy it is to setup your iBX440 player for a LED wall and set it up with SpinetiX ARYA, so that you can start scheduling and publishing content on display.




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