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Apps & Widgets

Digital signage apps and widgets serve as the foundational elements of dynamic and interactive digital signage content. They allow you to easily add live data to your content in just a few clicks. These tools are powerful and can be used for various purposes, such as presenting real-time weather, news feeds, social media posts, as well as custom integrations with third-party tools such as Microsoft 365, G-Suite, and many more.

SpinetiX ARYA features several Apps, including Weather, Clock, QR Code, RSS Feed, Webpage, etc. To learn more about how to use Apps in SpinetiX ARYA, please refer to the following page.




Elementi, our PC based digital signage Authoring tool that readily integrates with SpinetiX ARYA, features more than 250 widgets which are highly customizable and can be configured to connect to a multitude of data sources to meet the specific needs of your deployment.



What is the difference between an app and a widget? 

An app in SpinetiX ARYA refers to a software program that is designed to perform a particular function or set of functions. Apps in SpinetiX ARYA typically allow the user the ability to configure within tight parameters. 

An Elementi widget, on the other hand, refers to an element that can be added to a project to provide additional information or functionality. Widgets in Elementi are generally highly customizable and can display a wide variety of content, including real-time information feeds, data from third-party applications and can also be used to control or interact with the digital sign in some way.

Sometimes there is overlap between the two. For instance, in ARYA there is a Weather app, in Elementi there is a weather widget. The difference comes in their level of customizability. 



The Canvas refers to the main workspace for creating your Project Pages.



Media Picker

The Media Picker contains all your media files in one place. It pops up when you want to add a media to a project or when you want to schedule a project to your player.





Player Live View

Player Live View allows you to see in real time exactly the content that's being played. With this feature, you can see what each of your digital signage screens displays at any moment. 

Player Live View is accessible from the Schedule page as well as from the Player Monitoring page.  




Project Preview

The Project Preview page allows you to see a playout of your content with any animation or transitions you applied before it is actually published on display.  

The Project Preview page appears at the final step of content creation, this is the step where you pick a player where you wish to publish your project.

Note: Project Preview cannot render certain live-data content, for example, a webpage layer in the way it is going to appear on display. In order to see how such appear on display, you need to use the Player Live View feature after having published the content to your player. 



A project in SpinetiX ARYA, is a page or a collection of pages that contain your digital signage content, including apps, images, video, color style and tags (if used), as well as durations (of each page). Types of projects include Templates or Alerts.



Smart Sync

Smart Sync is a unique content distribution and a productivity feature in SpinetiX ARYA. When enabled for a piece of content, Smart Sync will automatically publish that content to any player that has the same Tag as the content.  Learn more...




A Style is a set of colors, a font, and a logo that are applied to a set of Templates called a Style Packs. In SpinetiX ARYA, Styles is a unique feature which ensures that your content always features the same set of colors and fonts. You can create and save as many Styles as you want.



Style Pack

A Style Pack is simply a set of Templates that has a certain Style applied to it. You can access the Style Packs you created in SpinetiX ARYA from the Templates page. Style packs are useful as a way to apply branding to your content and save it as a configuration that you can quickly access at any time. You can save and switch between as many style packs as you wish. 




In SpinetiX ARYA, Tags are short keywords or terms such as, Lobby, corporate content, AMSTERDAM , etc. that you apply to media players and/or content to associate these items into groups. These groups of content or players are then searchable by their tags. SpinetiX ARYA also gives you the possibility to restrict user access to these groups of content and players and simplify publishing. Learn more...



In SpinetiX ARYA, templates refer to pre-made projects to get you started creating visually appealing and impactful, content fast.  Our templates have all been professionally designed with specific digital signage applications in mind. SpinetiX ARYA  DISCOVERY contains 9 basic templates, while SpinetiX ARYA  PREMIUMand ENTERPRISE contain 12 customizable templates.





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