Even the most eye-catching content is of little use if hidden away from your audience’s eyes. Therefore, let’s take some time to understand the basics of publishing digital signage content from SpinetiX ARYA on your digital signage display.

This article will help you understand how to publish content such as a project, image, or video from SpinetiX ARYA to your digital signage player so that it displays on your screen.


How to publish content to a digital signage player:

In its simplest form, a digital signage setup consists of a content-creation and management platform, a digital signage player, and a screen. It is the player’s job to display on your screen content that you set up in SpinetiX ARYA and publish to the player. To publish content to your player, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure your player is properly set up with SpinetiX ARYA and connected to a screen of your choice by following these steps.
  2. Log in to SpinetiX ARYA and click CREATE.
  3. Pick any content. For example, you can select a template from the Templates page, pick a project you or somebody else completed from the Files page, or create a new project – with few minor exceptions described below, the publishing process is identical.

    In this case, we pick a ready-made MENU template from the Templates page.

  4. Once your content is ready for publishing, click NEXT, on the right-hand side of your canvas.

    Note: If you are on the Files page instead, simply click on the content you want to publish and proceed to Step 5. below.

  5. From the right-hand side contextual menu, click on the plus-button-spinetix-arya.png  button under PUBLISH TO.
  6. Select a player linked to your account from the drop-down menu.

    Note: If you have associated tags with your players or have set up Smart Sync, these tags and option also appear in the drop-down menu.

    - You can select a tag to publish to all players associated with it. To learn more about tagging your players, please refer to this article.

    - You can also use Smart Sync to automate distribution of content to your displays. To learn more about Smart Sync, please refer to this article.

  7. You can now select the amount of time the content will played on your screen by changing the value under PLAY TIME. By default, content is scheduled to play all the time and a 24-7.png appears under PLAY TIME but you can schedule the content as you wish.

    Note: To learn more about scheduling your screen content, please refer to this article.

  8. Click OK to publish the content to the selected player.

  • That’s it. The content you just published will be played on the player of your choice and between the days/hours you scheduled it for.





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