This article demonstrates the different ways in which you can access and manage content scheduled on your player including adding and removing items from the schedule, as well as customizing the order of appearance of scheduled content. Select a topic below to learn more:



Accessing Your Player's Schedule:

To access the schedule of your player:

  1. Log in to SpinetiX ARYA and navigate to the Schedule section.schedule-section-spinetix-arya (2).png
    Note: The Schedule section lists the scheduled content of each player associated with your account. It also provides an live preview of what’s playing currently, as well as what is scheduled to be played in the future, depending on the day of the month you select on the right.
    Tip: The image displayed on the left of your player is a live preview of the content displayed in real time. Click on it to see a bigger version of that player's live preview.
  2. Select a player to see the content scheduled on it.

    Note: To learn more about how to schedule content on your player(s), please refer to this article.
  3. You will now see the scheduled content for the selected player.


  • The player schedule page shows:
    1) the selected player, its name and content preview,
    2) scheduled pieces of content (projects, images, videos, etc.), each line representing the play times for which a piece of content is scheduled,
    3) an interactive timeline,
    4) the Play Times for which your content was scheduled, as well as
    5) a calendar allowing you to see the scheduled content day by day.



Adding/Editing/Removing Content in Your Player's Schedule:

To add content to your player's schedule, follow the steps below:

  1. From the player schedule page click on the plus plus-button.png button.
  2. Select a file or a project from the newly-appeared popup.

    Tip: You can also drag-and-drop image, video, audio, and other files from your computer to add them to the player's schedule.


  • Once in your player's schedule, you can drag-and-drop to rearrange scheduled items or mouse-over any item and click to:
    1) Artboard_1123.png edit the content (available only for scheduled projects),
    2) Artboard_112.png copy the content and its schedule setup,
    3) Artboard_11.png edit the schedule setup of the content, or
    4) Artboard_1.png remove the content from the player's schedule.
    Note: Learn more about how to customize the way your content is scheduled by referring to the following article



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