This article demonstrates how to set up and use the Smart Sync feature in SpinetiX ARYA.

What is Smart Sync and how does it work?  When enabled for a piece of content, Smart Sync will automatically publish that content to any player that has the same tag as the content.


To set up Smart Sync:

  1. Create a group of players using tags following the instructions in this article.
  2. Assign the same tag to a selected piece of content following the instructions in this article.
  3. Finally, enable the SMART SYNC option on the content you tagged. smart-sync-tag-spinetix-arya.png
    Note: The SMART SYNC option only appears if you associate at least one tag with both a player and a piece of content as instructed in the steps above. To learn more about publishing content, please refer to the following article: How to publish content on your digital signage screen.
  • Once Smart Sync is enabled, you can enroll new content and/or players in your Smart Sync setup at any time by assigning them with the proper tag(s). The new content will automatically be assigned to the proper players and vice versa; enroll-new-content-smart-sync.png
  • To withdraw existing content or players from your Smart Sync setup, just remove the tag (or tags) that you previously used to enroll them.spinetix-arya-tag-x-button-delete-marked-cut.png



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