The Shape app in SpinetiX ARYA allows you to add a rectangular band of color to your content the size of which you can define. You can also add text inside the shape if you'd like.

Using the Shape App:

  1. From the Project edit page, select the Shape app.
  2. A rectangular layer is added to your canvas. Customize it the way you want.

    You can resize it by dragging the anchor points.

    You can change its position by clicking inside the shape and dragging it to the desired position within the canvas.Shape-app-click-to-reposition.png

    To add text, simply hover over the shape and begin typing. Once text is added to the shape you will notice that the contextual menu has adapted to give you text formatting options. You can choose the font, background color, text color, text alignment and you can also add a fade or slide effect.

    Tip: Using the shape app for text allows you to make the text more visible by adjusting the opacity of the background.

    To do so

    Click the background color picker from the contextual menu and adjust the slider for the desired opacity.


  • This is how easy it is to use the Text app in SpinetiX ARYA. You can add as many text layers within a project as you would like. 


Note: To learn more about all the apps available in SpinetiX ARYA click here: Creating Content



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