An Overlay in SpinetiX ARYA is content which is played over the top of other content. This can be useful in many situations when you'd like to some content to play continuously on a portion of the screen while the content in other parts of the screen changes.
There are two types of Overlays in SpinetiX ARYA. One can be setup to play on all pages of a single project and the other can be setup to play on all content scheduled on a player. This article explains each Overlay and how to use them. 



The Project Overlay

One way of having an Overlay on your content is to add one to your project from the Project edit page. This will allow you to play this content over all pages in the project without affecting other scheduled content on your player. Follow the steps below to learn how to use it and how it works.

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  1. From the Project Edit Page, navigate to the project control buttons below the canvas and click on the overlay button.

    The Overlay page is now added at the start of the project.

  2. Compose your content as you would for any other page in the project. In this case we are making an overlay with the Weather app.
    Overlay-set.pngAs you can see, the Weather App is now applied to every page of the project.

  3. You can see how the Overlay page of your project will be applied to the other pages in your project from the Project Preview page. 



The Overlay Template

Another way of having an Overlay in your content is by using the Overlay Template. When published to a player, the Overlay template will play content over all of the scheduled content on the chosen player. Follow the steps below to learn how to use it and how it works. 

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    1. From the main menu, go to CREATE and select Templates. Main-menu-create-marked.png

    2. Select the Overlay Template.

    3. By default, the Overlay Template contains an image placed on the top left side. You can choose to keep or delete this image and edit this project just as you would any other project. 

      In this example, we've kept the image and added the Weather app. 

    4. Once you're finished composing your content for overlay, click next. 

    5. From the project Preview page, publish your Overlay project to a player. Publish-overlay-template.png
      Note: Learn more about publishing content by clicking here.
    6. To see your overlay project in the schedule go back to the Main Menu and go to the SCHEDULE page.

    7. Click on the player where you published the Overlay template to open and see its schedule.

      In this example, the schedule of this player has three pieces of content and one overlay.
      The Overlay template will always appear on the top of the list and it's background will be visibly different, showing a checkered surface which signifies that it is transparent.

    8. Click on the Snapshot.

      and you will can see how the Overlay is applied to the scheduled content.

      This is how easy it is to use the Project Overlay and the Project Template in SpinetiX ARYA.



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