The Project Edit page in SpinetiX ARYA, provides you all the necessary tools to configure and edit your digital signage content, This article details each element on the Project Edit Page.


Project Edit Page Overview


    1. Project Name

      Give your project name to find it easily for future uses.

    2. Screen Orientation

      The most common digital signage displays are in either horizontal(16:9) and vertical(9:16).
      Choosing the project layout for the intended screen orientation lets you create projects more efficiently and gives you a better preview of how it will be displayed.

      Note: All media that you upload in SpinetiX ARYA, regardless of the format, is zoomed in to fit in a horizontal and/or vertical display. Some areas of an image will be cropped depending on the orientation selected.

    3. The Canvas
      The Canvas is your workspace. Mix and match media and apps to create stunning content.

    4. Apps

      Apps are layers that you can use for your project. You can use the same app multiple times, except for the Weather, RSS and Webpage app.
      Note: If you are editing or creating an Alert project, the available apps are limited to Text, Shape, and Media.
      To learn more about Alerts, please click here.

    5. Page Background Color

      You can add a background color if desired, simply click on the paint bucket  button, then select the desired color, or enter its color code in the space provided.
      Note: This option will automatically disappear if you set an image or a video to fit the whole canvas

    6. Project Duration
      Every page in a project is set to 10 seconds by default, unless set otherwise. Simply click inside the duration box to edit.

      Note: When a video of 10 seconds or more is added to a page, the duration will sync automatically with the length of the video.

    7. Tags
      Tags are keywords that you can assign to files, pages, players and more.
      Note: To learn more about tags, please click here.

    8. Project Controls


      This button will hide or show all the pages that you have in your project if you have more than one page. by default, all the pages are visible at the bottom.

      Page navigation  
      Click on the right or left arrow to navigate through your pages

      Add new pages
      Lets you add a page in your project

      Duplicate page 
      Duplicates the current page you are on (on the picture shown below, the current page is selected and by pressing the duplicate button, a copy of the page is added)

      This button allows you to create an overlay element that will be shown on top of every page in your project. (On the picture below, there is a line separating the overlay on the left and the project pages on the right)

      Note: There are two types of Overlays in SpinetiX ARYA, please click here to learn more.

    9. Saving your Project

      Clicking on this button saves your project and takes you to the Project Preview.

      Note: Once saved, your project can be found in the FILES section.

      Project Preview

      In the project preview, you will see how the content will be shown on your display.

      Publishing to Your Player

      From the Project Preview page, you can select the player where you want the project to be published. To do this, click on the plus button under the publish-to section. You can type in the name of the player or select it from the drop-down list.

      Note: If you have players that are tagged, and you apply the same tag to your project, you can also use the Smart Sync feature.

      Once you've selected a player. A new option which allows you to set the playtime of the project will appear.

      Note: To learn more about schedule management please click here.

    10. Switching between Edit and Preview modes

      You can toggle between the Edit Page and the Preview Page using these two buttons, in case you want to add more elements to your project.

    11. Live chat support

      Connect to our live Chat Support whenever you have any questions or suggestions.



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