The Wayfinding app in SpinetiX ARYA allows you to help people navigate or locate places around your building, campus, or environment by indicating the direction of the desired destination. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to use the Wayfinding app.


Using the Wayfinding App:

  1. From the Project Edit page, select the Wayfinding app.


    A table with text fields and arrows appears on your canvas.  


  2. Click on the text field on the left and type in the name of the location you want to direct people to. Then click on the arrow on the right to set the desired direction.


  • Clicking on an arrow allows you to set the direction in which the arrow points by turning it at a 90° angle or at a 45° angle. Just select the respective option from the contextual menu on the right.  


  • You can also use the S | M | L setting from the contextual menu to adjust the size of the location labels. Increasing the text size will lead to less rows being shown, while decreasing the text size will display more rows.  


  • The Wayfinding app is responsive to the size you set. You can increase the height of the app (via drag and drop) to increase the number of rows. Alternatively, you can reduce its height of the app to show fewer lines. 


  • This is how easy it is to use the Weather app in SpinetiX ARYA. 


Note: To learn more about all the apps available in SpinetiX ARYA click here: Creating Content



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