The Clock app in SpinetiX ARYA allows you to add a layer with a digital clock to your project in order to display the local time and/or date. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to use the Clock app.


Using the Clock app:

  1. From the Project edit page, select the Clock app.

  2. A clock layer appears showing the local based on your computer's time zone setting by default. 


    From the contextual menu on the right, choose the desired time format. You can also choose to show the local time of a specific city.

    The Clock app also allows you to show the date instead of the time or both the time and date together. 

    You can also use the S | M | L setting from the contextual menu to change how the date is displayed

Tip: You can show both the date and time separately by adding another layer as shown below, simply click the Clock app again on the Apps menu on the right.

  • This is how easy it is to use the Clock app in SpinetiX ARYA. 


Tip: To learn more about all the apps available in SpinetiX ARYA click here: Creating Content



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