The Media app in SpinetiX ARYA allows you to insert media files (images, videos or Elementi projects) into your project. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to use the Media app.

Note: Elementi is the advanced digital signage authoring tool from SpinetiX. Learn more about Elementi by clicking here.

Using the Media app:

  1. From the Project edit page, select the Media app.
  2. The Media picker appears. You can filter for the desired file type using the buttons at the top.
    Media_App_image_button.pngfor images, Media_App_video_button.pngfor videos or Media_App_elementi_project_button.png for Elementi projects
  3. Choose the desired media file from the media picker. You can also upload new ,media files by clicking the upload buttonMedia-App-Upload-button.png or simply dragging a file from your computer into the media picker.

  • If you insert a video file the Project's duration will automatically update to match the duration of the video you have inserted.
  • You can only have one video per page

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