The QR Code app in SpinetiX ARYA brings a touch of interactivity to your project. QR Codes in Digital signage are useful when you want to provide a way for the viewer to get more information about the subject of your content by directing your audience to a website with just a scan from a mobile device. Follow the steps below to learn how to use the QR Code app.


Using the QR Code App:

  1. From the Project edit page, select the QR Code app.


  2. A QR Code layer is displayed. Type in the desired URL link in the contextual menu on the right and hit Enter. This generates the desired QR Code. 


    Note: QR Codes by default are black with a white background. SpinetiX ARYA let's you personalize the QR Code color and its background. It's recommended you use high-contrast colors for better visibility.QR-code-color-options.png


This is how easy it is to use the QR Code app in SpinetiX ARYA. 


Note: To learn more about all the apps available in SpinetiX ARYA click here: Creating Content




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