When editing a project/template in ARYA, most actions are performed with the mouse, yet the following hotkey combinations might come in handy.
Key combination Action Notes
Ctrl+z Undo -
Ctrl+y Redo ⌘+SHIFT+z on MAC
Delete, Backspace Remove app

Move the mouse over an app to highlight it (but without clicking to select it), and then press the key mentioned on the left.


Home Bring the app to front
End Send the app to back
PageUp, u Send the app forward
PageDown, d Send the app backward
Ctrl+Arrow (Up, Down, Left, Right) Move the app by 8px in that direction

Works both when the app is selected and when it is highlighted.

Ctrl+f Make app full-screen
Ctrl+1...9 Set the text weight (multiple of 100) Works only with a shape app having some text inside.
Ctrl+i Set the text style to italic
Ctrl+c Copy ⌘+c on MAC
Ctrl+x Cut ⌘+x on MAC
Ctrl+v Paste ⌘+v on MAC
  • Moving the mouse over an app will automatically highlight it. Click the app to select it, and click it again to deselect it;
  • If the app is already selected, use the Ctrl+key combination (or click again to deselect the app);
  • For the shape app, selected or highlighted, pressing any key will input that key as text;
  • For MAC - use the Command key (⌘) instead of Ctrl for all the actions above, except the "Redo" one, for which the key combination is ⌘+SHIFT+z .



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