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This article demonstrates how to import, schedule and embed Elementi content in a SpinetiX ARYA project. SpinetiX ARYA allows users to easily schedule advanced digital signage content created in Elementi or embed this content within a SpinetiX ARYA project. 

Tip: This is especially useful for bringing individual widgets into the cloud that were initially created, customized, and connected to a data source in Elementi and then easily apply the final touches in SpinetiX ARYA for the perfect branded fit. To learn about the many benefits of using Elementi projects in SpinetiX ARYA, please refer to this article.
Note: Elementi is the advanced digital signage authoring tool from SpinetiX. It is unique in that it features over 250 widgets as well as a set of powerful tools to design and develop custom data-driven content. Elementi features advanced content capabilities like streaming in/out, video walls, IPTV, interactivity, custom data-feeds, and other third-party technology integrations. 


Adding and Using an Elementi Project in SpinetiX ARYA


spinetix-elementi-icon.png  On the Elementi side:

Once you've done the work you'd like to do in Elementi, use the Send to Cloud feature to upload your Elementi project into SpinetiX ARYA. Watch the following step-by-step video and go over the steps in the section below: 


Trick: In Elementi, you can alternatively manually export projects to .7z archive files on your PC using the Archive feature and - in turn - import the projects into SpinetiX ARYA via using drag-&-drop. Read more about the Archive feature in Elementi by referring to this documentation.



spinetix-arya-icon.png  On the SpinetiX ARYA side:

There are two ways to use Elementi projects in SpinetiX ARYA:


 Artboard_1.png   By Embedding an Elementi project within a SpinetiX ARYA project

     Click to expand


SpinetiX ARYA allows you to embed individual Elementi projects in projects that you are working on from within SpinetiX ARYA. In this way, for example, you can add a widget initially created, customized, and connected to a data source in Elementi and then apply the final touch in SpinetiX ARYA for the perfect branded fit.

  1. Begin by logging in to your SpinetiX ARYA account and clicking CREATE.
  2. Go to the Templates page and choose existing template project or start a new project.
  3. Click on the Media app.
  4. Click on the Elementi projects icon on the top left of the newly opened pop-up.


    This filters for all Elementi projects uploaded to your SpinetiX ARYA account. In this case, we only have a single project - a Foreign Exchange Widget project.
  5. Click on the Elementi project of your choice.

  6. This creates a new layer in your canvas which you can now resize and reposition as you wish – set it to full-screen, or as part of a broader composition.

    In the below example, we place the Elementi project layer next to an RSS feed app that displays financial news.
    Tip: If the duration of the Elementi project you are embedding was not defined, by default, SpinetiX ARYA sets a duration of 1:00 minute for any page of a SpinetiX ARYA project which has a an Elementi project embedded within it. Of course, you can change this duration in SpinetiX ARYA, using the "Duration" field on the right.

    This is especially useful when you have a playlist or a video within the Elementi project that has a specific length and that you want to show in its entirety.
    Note: If the duration of your Elementi project was defined, SpinetiX ARYA will recognize that and automatically set the duration to correspond to the Elementi project's original duration when embedding or scheduling the project.

  7. Publish the content you created to your player to have it appear on your display following these instructions.


  • This is how easy it is to integrate an Elementi project as part of your digital signage using SpinetiX ARYA.



 Artboard_12.png   By Publishing Elementi projects directly to a player's schedule

     Click to expand


You can schedule Elementi content directly in SpinetiX ARYA; to do so:

  1. Begin by logging in to your SpinetiX ARYA account and clicking SCHEDULE.
  2. Click on the player where you’d like to publish the Elementi project
  3. This opens up all the items that are scheduled to play on the selected player. Click on the plus plus-button-spinetix-arya.png  button below the list.
    spinetix-arya-player-schedule-playlist-plus-button selected.png
  4. From the newly-opened popup, click on the “Projects/PDF” button as indicated.

  5. From the newly-filtered items list in the pop-up, select the desired Elementi project that you previously imported in SpinetiX ARYA.
  6. That’s it, the selected Elementi project is now added to the playlist of the selected player to display in full screen on your display.

    Tip: To learn more about customizing your scheduled playlist, please refer to the following article





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