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This article explains how to use the Webpage app in SpinetiX ARYA. The hardware backed Webpage app feature in SpinetiX ARYA increases your creative options and brings powerful content development tools to a familiar and intuitive setting.

With the Webpage app feature, SpinetiX ARYA allows you to display HTML pages that feature video, images, text, and other dynamic content such as JavaScript elements. You can display webpages as part of your screen content in full-screen or as a app part of a broader screen-content composition.

Tip: The feature is especially useful when aiming to display HTML content made for the purpose of signage (e.g. 16:9 aspect ratio, not password protected, etc.) This includes menu boards, public transportation feeds, room reservation screens, publicly accessible KPI dashboards, HTML video, webcam feeds and many more.
Note: In the context of professional digital signage, there are some particularities to be aware of. For more details, please refer to the HTML Best Practices article.


Using the Webpage app in SpinetiX ARYA:

  1. To access the Webpage app feature, first log in to your SpinetiX ARYA account and click CREATE. 
  2. Click on an existing template project from the Templates page or start a new project.
  3. Click the Webpage app button (webpage-layer-button.png) to the right of your canvas. This adds a new layer containing a placeholder where your website would go which you can resize and reposition as desired.
  4. Add the URL of the page you would like to display in the provided URL field.

    WARNING: A preview of the webpage is not possible. However, it will likely still be shown on the player. We advise you to visually inspect the screen content with the help of a test display or by checking the Live View once you publish on your player. For more details, please refer to the HTML Best Practices article.
  5. If necessary, choose the desired width of your HTML content by selecting it from the HTML Content Width drop-down field. By default, the width is set to be the actual pixel width of the layer.
    Tip: The HTML Content Width field in SpinetiX ARYA is especially useful when your HTML content was not designed for digital signage. It allows you to declare a specified width to that webpage. If the website was developed to be responsive in the specified width, it will display in that width. This helps you to match your webpage content to best fit your display's resolution.
    Note: A responsive website adjusts its HTML content based on the type of device it is being viewed on. Think of the difference when viewing a webpage in a browser on your PC versus looking at it on a smartphone. 
    Notice that while the content remains the same, what you see on different screen sizes varies.

    In simple terms, changing the HTML Content Width gives you a similar effect as zooming in on or out of a webpage on a browser.
      To learn more about adapting your HMTL content for any screen size, please refer to the HTML Best Practices article.
  6. You can now arrange the Webpage app as you wish – put it on top or behind other layers, resize, reposition it, make it appear as full-screen, or as part of a broader composition.

    In this example, we place the Webpage app containing a webcam feed next to a Weather app. However, possibilities are virtually limitless.
    Tip: If the webpage you want to display supports anchors, SpinetiX ARYA allows you to set the Webpage app's scroll position to a predefined location in the web page you want to display. For more details, please refer to the HTML Best Practices article.
  7. Send the content you created to your player to have it appear on your display following these instructions.
    Tip: We recommend that you always visually inspect the HTML content as it appears on your display before releasing it for audience consumption. For more details, please refer to the HTML Best Practices article.


  • This is how easy it is to put webpage content on a digital display using SpinetiX ARYA

    Note: Only HMP400/W and selected partner players support the Webpage app feature in SpinetiX ARYA. For more details, please refer to the HTML Best Practices article.




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